Preparing yourself for change

  • Who is it for?
    These workshops are aimed specifically at teams of staff who are about to embark upon a major change. Booking for this workshop is via a request from a department manager. Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service to individuals.

    To support groups of staff who are about to embark on a change initiative and are seeking ways to improve their personal resilience and wellbeing.


    Nominating managers are asked to consult directly with workshop facilitator Ian Whiting to secure a date.  As a general guide the minimum lead in time for a workshop request is at least 6-8 weeks.


    Two half-days (different combinations considered).

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  • To support groups of staff who are about to embark on a change initiative and are seeking ways to improve their personal resilience and wellbeing.

    By the end of these workshops individuals and teams will have had an opportunity to:

    • complete a personal resilience questionnaire highlighting areas to strengthen participants personal resilience  
    • identify and gain insight into key patterns of reactions and behaviour commonly associated with change  
    • review participants and teams coping and adapting mechanisms in time of change
    • identify the common signs of stress and consider participants options in addressing it  
    • review participants and teams personal communication strategies in common change scenarios including managing workload, managing expectations and asking for help.
    • carry out an audit of the variety of support mechanisms/initiatives which individuals may wish to apply in times of change.  


    The programme is delivered as two half day workshops spaced optimally one week apart (feedback has indicated that the combination of course content together with the opportunity for facilitated team discussions benefits from having this format). 

    Two weeks prior to the workshop participants will be asked to complete the Robertson Cooper's i-resilience tool - a personality-based questionnaire that enables participants to receive a personalised i-resilience report. The feedback will indicate how an individual personality is likely to influence their  personal resilience (coping with and bouncing back from setbacks) both generally and in a range of workplace situations.

    Oxford Brookes University i-resilience report

    Please note individuals report will be completely confidential so they will not be asked to share any of the detail with anyone else.

    Workshop 1: Will involve setting out respect and boundaries, overview of change and how it impacts on individuals, recognising stress in self and others, considering what aids wellbeing, reviewing the i-resilience report in general terms and consider how the team can improve its resilience.    

    Workshop 2: Examines individuals responses to acquiring new skills and knowledge,  how different aspects of communication impact upon individuals especially in times of change, finally the participants will be asked to consider their sources of support (internal and external to Brookes).

    • Ian Whiting