Team process reviews

  • Who is it for?
    A team based activity: this workshop is specifically designed for nominated teams who are about to embark upon process reviews within their areas.  Unfortunately we are unable to offer this service to individuals.  

    To equip designated staff teams with the knowledge and skills to conduct a process review.

    Nominating managers (team review sponsors) are asked to consult directly with the workshop facilitator, Ian Whiting, to secure a date. As a general guide, the minimum lead-in time for a PPR request is at least 6-8 weeks.

    One day workshop.

    This is designed as a participative discussion day where a suitable venue is required which includes the provision of an elongated table large enough for a process mapping chart.

  • By the end of the workshop delegate teams supplying their own live business process will be able to

    • describe the key stages involved in carrying out a process review in a Brookes context.
    • write a robust terms of reference thereby focusing the process review and gaining commitment from key decision makers
    • apply effective interviewing and facilitation skills required to engage participants in conducting a process review  
    • produce a process map using a mapping tool
    • apply a variety of problem solving and decision making techniques required to determine and analyse process effectiveness
    • conclude the review through writing a concise report with recommendations  

    Nominating managers (process review sponsors) are asked to consult directly with workshop facilitator Ian Whiting to secure a date.

    As a general guide the minimum lead in time for a PPR request is at least 6-8 weeks. Ian has scheduled workload planning allowance to run 2 workshops per month. This acknowledges the time taken on both sides to organise the logistics for the day.

    For workshop purposes, teams will be limited in size to between 6 to a maximum of 12 delegates.

    The composition of the team can be varied to reflect the process under review. Examples being:

    • All members of one team or department
    • Members of one particular team or department plus specialist inputs (ie from OBIS)
    • Cross section from different teams and departments


    The manager/team leader responsible for the process under review (often the referred to as the process owner) will need to complete and submit a nomination form on behalf of the team.

    In tandem to the nomination form a Terms of Reference for the process under review will also be required.

    This will involve a member of the team (perhaps the person who will ultimately be designated the Process Review Leader) allocating the necessary time to this endeavour.

    Although this happens prior to the workshop it must be stressed that this pre-work is an important part of the learning and development and must be shared and discussed with the team prior to coming on the workshop.