Performance and development review

  • New: PDR briefings for 2018

    Performance and Development Review website available soon 

    To support the implementation of the revised PDR scheme for the 2017/18 PDR round, OCSLD and HR Business Partner teams are working with faculties and directorates to provide appropriate tailored briefing or training within each faculty or directorate. This includes contextualising the PDR within the faculty or directorate's objectives and so that staff better understand their contribution to the success of their department and the University. In some cases and particularly when this training applies to PDR reviewers, it is called a PDR calibration. Please find out what training is available for you within your faculty or directorate before considering booking yourself on an open OCSLD briefing. 

    If there is no briefing or training available for you within your faculty or directorate, please book yourself onto an OCSLD open briefing session which will explain the main changes to the PDR scheme and help you to prepare for your PDR(s) - whether you are a reviewer or reviewee. 

    Please note that is mandatory for staff to attend the PDR briefing and for reviewers to attend Coaching Skills for PDR Reviewers (it is planned that the latter will be available from September 2018 once the revised scheme has been implemented).