Recruitment and selection

  • Who is it for?

    All members of staff who are either new to Recruitment and Selection or have had limited experience are required to undertake this training before participating in the recruitment of staff at Brookes.  Please book your place as early as possible.

    The format of the programme:

    There is a pre-requisit online module which must be completed at participants' convenience at least two working days prior to attending a one-day intensive workshop. Both the online module and the one day course comprise a lively mix of presentations plus individual and group exercises. There will be an opportunity to practice interviewing on the one day workshop. 

    Programme content:

    The course focuses on a structured, systematic approach to recruitment and selection with an emphasis on Brookes' policies and procedures. We pay particular attention to the anti-discrimination legislation and unconscious bias. 

    Cancellation fee:

    If you are unable to attend a course we require five working days' notice wherever possible.  This course is always heavily over requested and we do operate a waiting list so if you cannot attend then your place can be offered to another colleague waiting.