Communicating assertively

  • Who is it for?
    Any member of staff

    As many of us continue to work from home and the current pandemic persisting, communication is central to everything  we do. This webinar explores the challenges of communication with colleagues (including more senior staff and direct reports) and service users when working remotely, using the Assertiveness Behavioural and Communication model.

    Tuesday 17 May 2022,  09.30 - 12.00 

    2 hours


  • To equip you with tips and techniques you can immediately apply to confidently and effectively communicate with colleagues at all levels. 
    This session will:

    • Explore what is meant by ‘effective communication’ and what can impact it

    • Reflect on the impact of different methods of communication

    • Understand the importance of listening skills

    • Identify how to be assertive and the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviours

    • Explore how to be more assertive in different situations and how to overcome barriers to assertiveness

    • Understand how to be assertive in challenging conversations

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    • Evaluation: your comments are valuable and you will be asked to complete a form at the end of the workshop.

    Unable to attend

    • Please let us know asap (email if you are unable to attend as we can give your space to another participant.
    Susie Howes