Happiness through goal setting

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    This course is managed and run by Dr Christian Ehrlick.  

    Being happy in life and at work are central themes for most people. Goals setting research, and particularly reflections around why people pursue their goals have been shown to have a significant impact on people’s well-being or happiness. The training course “Happiness through goal-setting” builds on this research whereby Dr. Christian Ehrlich introduces a variety of happiness techniques all tailored to help participants to increase their toolkit on how to pursue goals in the most happiness-enhancing way.  

    Thursday 23 January 2020. The training will be offered as a blended training programme. Starting with a 2.5 hours workshop, followed by a 10 week online course. It concludes with a face to face wrap-up workshop.
      1.30 - 4.00 pm

      CLC 1.09 (MBA suite)
          For more information please contact Dr Ehrlick directly at cehrlick@brookes.ac.uk