Interview practice

  • Who's it for

    Members of staff looking for interview practice can volunteer to be one of our 'applicants'.

    The benefits include a 'practice' interview, feedback on your performance, a £20 book or Marks and Spencer token.  

    Recruitment and Selection workshop dates
    Two interviews per course, 75 minutes approximately.

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    • We require volunteers to complete an application form for a fictitious administrators position (a CV can suffice).  
      We have a number of places available for staff to brush up on their interview skills by volunteering to help out at our monthly Recruitment and Selection courses.  


      Two people are required for two interviews each and would be expected to available for 75 minutes approximately in the afternoon.  Two panels of staff who are participants on the Recruitment and selection course will gain a 'live' feel from this aspect of the course.

      • Alison Cumpsty