OCSLD webinars

  • Pre-pandemic, OCSLD were planning a series of workshops, led by our external, associate learning consultants, on aspects of personal and professional effectiveness. We’ve done some revisions to our plans and we’re pleased to be able to offer a series of live and interactive, short online webinars on themes selected from staff requests and of even more importance to us now we are working remotely.  Each one is between 2 - 3 hours long and your place can be booked below.

    Personal time management


    The webinar focuses on the principles and habits of effective personal time management as well as ways to maximise your energy levels throughout the day. Our facilitator is Louise Puddifoot of Willow and Puddifoot Consultancy.

    Developing resilience


    Claire Burgess of Soar Development will lead this webinar examining some key concepts about building resilience, managing stress and cultivating our own sense of well-being during this period of working remotely. will lead this workshop.

    Communicating assertively


    The webinar explores the challenges of communication with colleagues and service users when working remotely using the Assertiveness Behavioural and Communication model. The workshop is facilitated by Claire Burgess.

    Introduction to Negotiation – effective skills, techniques and tactics needed for positive outcomes


    We are delighted to announce that we shall be working with Ian Davis at  Oxford Procurement Training to offer a 1/2 day workshop.

    Many people dread negotiation, without recognising that they negotiate on a regular, even daily basis. Most of us face formal negotiations throughout our personal and professional lives: from haggling over the price of a new car, to arranging a contract with a supplier. There are also the more informal, less obvious negotiations we constantly take part in. This introductory session considers the essential elements of the negotiation process and the tools and techniques required to achieve successful outcomes.  

    By the end of this course you will be able to:

    • Plan and prepare for a negotiation
    • Recognise effective styles of negotiation
    • Understand the role of  body language in negotiation
    • Understand a range of persuasion techniques and tactics to use throughout a negotiation process

    Building and leading a resilient team

    Part 1: Wednesday 22 July 9.30 am - 12 noon and Part 2: Wednesday 29 July 9.30 am - 12 noon  Book now

    5 hours delivered in two 2.5 hour sessions. It is necessary to attend both sessions. 

    This webinar offers practical insights into how to lead your team through the current coronavirus pandemic.  When faced with a crisis managers, and their team members are forced to think and behave in ways that feel unfamiliar. This webinar helps you understand your own and your team members reactions and provides practical techniques to build team resilience and support wellbeing. 

    For all people managers - new, middle and senior managers

    Session 1

    • Challenges of managing a team in these times
    • Everyone's experience is different
    • Emotional reactions to change (change curve)
    • Building a culture of wellbeing and resilience
    • Making good transitions
    • What we can and can't control

    Session 2

    • Stress, burn-out and mental health
    • Conversational skills and supporting employees with difficulties
    • Connecting with team members  
    • Switching off - boundaries between work and personal time
    • Managing technology