Retirement planning

  • Who is it for
    This workshop is for any member of staff who is considering and planning their retirement options in the near future (within circa 5 years).

    To enable participants to construct a realistic and effective plan for their retirement having looked at retirement in all it's aspects.


    Webinar using Zoom

    3 half-days

  • The online edition (during covid-19 restricted campus)

    Standard edition 

  • This is a two day workshop which brings together a number of contributors from inside and outside the University facilitated by OCSLD.

    • Day 1: Delivered by Financial Education Specialists firm Close Brothers and mainly centres itself around the general financial planning aspects of retirement planning.
    • Day 2: Facilitated by OCSLD, hosts a variety of contributors (HR, Finance, Pension Scheme providers, Occupational Health, the Brookes Society) and examines the specifics of retirement planning at Brookes and its nominated pension schemes. It also continues to look at the broader aspects of making the most of retirement.   

    Prior to the workshop the University Pension Manager will check to ensure that each participant has access to a current pension forecast from their University scheme pension provider (where possible in time for the workshop).   

    The programme is supported by a web based support package providing a wide range of internal and external information to aid retirement planning.

    In attending this workshop participants will:

    • identify key challenges and opportunities that retirement presents

    • have time to formulate ideas to aid their visualisation in making the most of their retirement time

    • be better equipped to review their financial circumstances (and options) in relation to retirement planning

    • consider how they will maintain their health and wellbeing in their retirement years

    • produce a to-do list of actions following the workshop   

    Day 1  

    Delivered by Close Brothers 


    Introduction Creating your to-do list of actions following the workshop  
    Session 1: Adapting to a different lifestyle
    • The future in context

    • Concerns and opportunities

    • Planning a positive transition

    Session 2: Brookes Pension Schemes overview (preparation for day 2 )
    • Overview of TP/LPGS/USS pension schemes and benefits explained

    • Interpreting your annual pension scheme statement

    • Homework preparation for day 2

    Session 3: Financial planning
    • Objectives and goals

    • Making good pension choices

    • Key financial planning principles

    • The world of investments


    Session 3:


    Financial planning continued
    • Understanding risk

    • New pension freedoms

    • Your financial plan

    • General tax planning – Income tax, Capital Gains tax and Inheritance tax

    • How and where to seek advice

    Session 4: State benefits
    • The new State Pension explained
    • Claiming your State Pension whilst abroad
    • Winter fuel allowance, Attendance allowance and other benefits

    Session 5: Will planning


    • The importance of  making and reviewing your will
    • Lasting Powers of Attorney
    • Protection considerations


    Session 6

    Re-location considerations

    • Releasing capital
    • Your home - launch pad or family home
    • Moving abroad  
      Preparation for day 2

    Day 2

    Facilitated by OCSLD with contributions from HR, Finance, Pension Scheme providers, Occupational Health, the Brookes Society for retired staff. 

    Session 7: Review from day 1 (discussion)
    Session 8: Your transition into retirement options (HR Business Partner)
    • Retirement resignation procedure
    • Flexible working policy

    • Requests to change hours of work and patterns of work

    • Q&As

    • Preparation for Session 9
    Session 9:

    Brookes Pension schemes (Pension providers* / Brookes Pension Manager)

    • Split breakout sessions with pension providers

    *subject to availability

    Session 10: Health and wellbeing (with Occupational Health and OCSLD)
    • Staying healthy

    • Wellbeing (5 essentials)

    • Relationships  

    Session 11: Making the most of retirement
    • Building your networks (Brookes Society for retired staff)

    • Considering further roles (paid and unpaid work)

    • Leisure, hobbies and interests

    • How to spend your extra time

    Session 12: Developing your retirement plan
      Next steps and close


    • Tea, coffee and lunch will be available.

    Joining Instructions

    • Joining instructions: will be sent to you by email 10 days prior to the workshop.  


    • Evaluation: your comments are valuable and you will be asked to complete a form at the end of the workshop.

    Unable to attend

    • Please let us know asap (email if you are unable to attend as we can give your space to another participant.
    "I knew I should plan for my retirement - I just didn't realise how much I need to plan in advance to ensure I move seamlessly to the next chapter of my life. Don't leave booking on this course until the last minute - highly recommend booking asap to give yourself plenty of time to get organised for your future!".  Sue Johnson

    "The course was well presented and covered a variety of topics and areas that will be useful for anyone who has already decided to retire and those who are still thinking about their future".

    "Planning can never start too early and the sessions on financial planning, health and life planning are all helpful".  Alice Helps, Tax Manager.

    "This workshop provides a great deal of information and helps clarify the issues surrounding retirement. A very useful and positive experience". Elaine Carey

    "The course seemed to cover every aspect of retirement, certainly more than I had thought about. Explanation of pension calculation, both LGPS and State, were of great benefit and reassured me that my predictions were accurate".

    "This is an excellent 2-day course and I would recommend it for anyone. Even if you think you know about retirement this course will give you valuable advice and answers questions".

    • Ian Whiting