Springboard Women's Development programme

  • Who's it for
    Springboard is for all individuals who identify as a woman.

    It is suitable for both academic and professional services staff at any age or stage in their lives and from any background. You set your own agenda for the programme. You don’t have to be ambitious in career terms. You can set goals in any aspect of work or personal life. You just need a desire to take a fresh look at yourself and to developing your life.
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    4 days, you need to be able to attend all the dates to book a place.
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  • There are four one-day workshops and a workbook spread over 3 months. The workshops are designed to be supportive, fun and helpful. The workbook is filled with ideas, exercises and examples to help you. The course is down-to-earth, practical and full of forward thinking, information and humour. The workshops:

    Workshop 1 Getting Started

    • Getting to know the course and the workbook
    • What have you got to offer/what do you need?

    Workshop 3 Assertiveness

    • Setting/working on aims and goals
    • Adopting assertive behaviour and attitudes

    Workshop 2 Knowing Yourself and Emotional intelligence

    • Values, attitudes, beliefs
    • Identifying aims and goals

    Workshop 4 Positive Image/Where to from here?

    • Raising your profile and promoting your skills
    • Networking
    • Making things happen
    Yes, Springboard is run in nearly 40 other universities. In most, as in Brookes, it is provided for mixed groups of academic and support staff. The only pre-course requirement is an interest in developing yourself. You will need to spend some time on working through the Springboard workbook in between workshops. There is no set amount of time for this, but those who work through the workbook tend to get the most out of the course.

    Increased initiative, confidence and motivation are commonly reported outcomes. A recent major survey including feedback from participants in Springboard over a 10-year period showed:

    • 80% of participants had evidence of being more open to change
    • 78% had taken more responsibility
    • 77.5% had evidence of being more assertive
    • 80.5% had improved self-esteem and confidence
    • 64.5% had received favourable comments in the formal appraisal

    Some of the benefits of Springboard come up to a year after the course because the course puts people on a path of progress in whatever aspect of work/life is relevant to them. (Source: Personal Development Has Legs PDF 664KB)

    These are some of the things participants say about Springboard:

    • "Springboard gave me the space to think about what I want and need from my job. In these early stages of my career as an academic, having to deal with the constant pressures and demands of a highly intensive job, it was good to have this time of reflexion and to be taught the tools that can help me achieve my maximum potential. The best part of it was to share the experience with other women in all stages of their career and personal life: what a privilege!" Joana Amorim, Lecturer in Mathematics, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
    • "The Springboard course helped me to think about my long-term goals and consider a range of strategies for balancing the demands of the job with my life outside work. It was also a great opportunity to meet others from across the university." Dr Clare Rathbone, Senior Lecturer and ESRC Research Fellow, Dept of Psychology
    • "I am still learning from Springboard almost a full year after beginning the course. The skills we covered haven't yet become 'second nature' to me, but when I am feeling frustrated or apprehensive I often return to my workbook to reflect on my situation and come up with a strategy to resolve it." Jane, Oxford Brookes University

      "The Springboard course gave me the confidence to tackle an issue I had with my line manager that I had put off for a long time. The issue was resolved in a positive way." Sobia Afridi, Brookes Bridges Manager, UK Recruitment and Partnerships
    • “Springboard was a key catalyst in making me believe in myself and my abilities. It gave me the confidence to pursue a long held dream of entering into further study and as a direct result of Springboard I have started studying for an ACCA qualification. I have also changed roles in the university in order to put my studies into practice.” Dalene Claassen, Finance Officer, Health and Life Sciences
    • "I did make huge changes in my life, most importantly; I created a CV and applied for a new job (I’ve been in the same job for years). I was even shortlisted and attended an interview! My interview skills definitely need improving but I was able to rationally accept where my strengths and weaknesses lie. This was all due to the training I received on the programme." Colleen Berrington, Skills Support Technician, Health and Life Sciences
    • "Springboard really benefitted my personal and professional development at Brookes, because it helped me to focus on setting achievable goals, and to reflect on training needs. I was able to use these skills when preparing for my Personal Development Review with my line manager.
    • "As a result of this course I also met a variety of women from other job roles and areas of Brookes, and learnt more about the organisation as a whole." Megan James, Health and Life Sciences Marketing Officer
    • 'During the course of Springboard, I built the confidence and motivation to apply to study at University. By the end of the course, I had been to an open day, applied, interviewed, and graciously accepted an unconditional offer to study at my first choice of University.
    • "I had always wanted to experience University, but had let me doubts and insecurities hold me back. Through motivating speakers, positive activities, and the support of the group, I finally realised that 'I can!." Ellie Lambe, Student Records Administrator, Student Central
    • "Springboard was a totally positive experience for me. The structure of the course over several months meant that thoughts and decisions could develop and gather enough weight over time to actually take shape. It helped me to clarify and make decisions which had been pending for a long time up til then, and to begin to believe in other thoughts and ideas and to give them space in my life. My life is a different, better shape than it was a year ago, and Springboard was significant in that process. I also made some good new friends around Brookes, and we have continued to meet, help and support each other for over a year now, which has been both helpful and an ongoing pleasure." Rachel Mighall, Information Strategy and Analysis Manager, Corporate Affairs
    • Professor Jackie Potter