Community workshop: Diversifying the curriculum and addressing sense of community for BME students

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  • Workshop content:

    A sense of belonging and community is increasingly being recognised as a key factor in supporting and enhancing the student experience at university (and leading to increased NSS scores). How do we create a sense of community? What good practice exists in the sector and within the university that helps create a sense of community and enhances the student experience? How does diversifying the curriculum help create a sense of community?

    The workshop will focus on the experiences of BME students, who are often identified as students who are excluded from feeling a sense of belonging and community at university. BME students also suffer a historic differential between their attainment outcomes compared to their white peers.

    Drawing on best practice, this workshop will look at lessons that you can learn from practice across the sector and how you might implement in your own programmes. The workshop will also be a chance to share ideas and good practice with colleagues from across the university.

    This workshop is particularly suitable for Programme Leads, Subject Coordinators and anyone involved in supporting student learning.


    Neil Currant, Acting Head of the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development (OCSLD)