Inclusive Digital Teacher

  • Who is it for

    Anyone using Moodle to teach Brookes’ students


    This Moodle course comprises five learning topics and each one takes approximately one hour to complete. You can complete the topics in any order and at any time. Each topic completed earns a badge and on completion of all five topics you will receive the Inclusive Digital Teacher Certificate. The five topics are:

    • Preparing to teach online

    • Teaching online

    • Designing online learning tasks

    • Online community building and engagement

    • Assessment and feedback online

      Online Moodle Course 

  • Online Moodle Course
  • The course is designed to support staff teaching online using the Moodle virtual learning environment. If you complete the full course you will be able to: 

    • Outline and apply to your context the key features of the Brookes Framework For Digitally Enabled Programmes.

    • Identify and evaluate good practice in teaching online that promotes and sustains student community and engagement.

    • Recognise and examine critical factors in the teaching and learning planning that embeds inclusivity and access for all your students.

    • List and evaluate key considerations in teaching online in synchronous and asynchronous contexts to ensure inclusive and accessible learning environments for your students.

    • Identify and apply good practice in preparing assessment and feedback for online teaching and learning.

    Jane Pritchard