The Higher Education Symposium

  • The symposium: making a difference

    OCSLD invites all who lead or aspire to lead a future higher education. Lecturers, Programme Leads, Deans, Subject Co-ordinators Professional Services, the Professoriate, Senior Managers, Fellows and all members of our community are invited to join Dr George Roberts, Principal Lecturer in the Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development, with MA Education (Higher Education) participants for a series of five online seminars on higher education today.

    What’s the difference?

    We are in a “Higher Education Moment”. Poised to feel the impact of a new regulatory regime and an impending expansion of degree awarding institutions as great or greater than that in 1992. If there was eve an “old normal” there is certainly not yet a new normal.

    • Expansion: higher education is a booming global industry. It is a significant and expanding area of international public concern;
    • Signalling: higher education policy is emerging as one of the primary signalling mechanisms governments have to communicate to a populace about their direction of travel; and
    • Scholarship: higher education has a reflective interest in the very fundamental questions of how knowledge and difference come about in the first place how they are preserved and passed on transformed.

    Where and when:

    We will meet fortnightly five times in Semester 1, every other Tuesday, 6 - 7 pm to discuss our higher education moment.

    The seminars take place in the University’s online classroom (Adobe Connect).

    The seminars do not require a log in. Simply “enter as guest” and type your name in the space provided.

    Dates and topics:

    Dates Topic
    2 October 2018 

    This higher education: what is higher education today?

    Foundations of higher education

    What is the difference: categories counted, protected, contested

    16 October 2018 

    That higher education: actually existing HE policy

    Purposes of higher education: knowledge, institutions and society

    Engagement, access, outcomes and desire

    30 October 2018 

    My higher education: HE and the individual

    The economic actor: rules, roles and a will to power

    Community, commodity and identity in higher education

    13 November 2018 

    Their higher education: HE in the world

    Migrations and relations: a global politics

    Freedom and enclosures: the common and subjective

    27 November 2018 

    Our higher education: has HE been framed?

    Frameworks, values and evaluation

    Policy analyses and recommendations

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