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    New for 2022! 

    Now Published! Handbook for Creating a Gender-sensitive Curriculum: Teaching and Learning Strategies is now available to download for free.  

    The Oxford Centre for Staff Learning and Development (OCSLD) and the Centre for Diversity Policy Research and Practice (CDPRP) at Oxford Brookes University UK have produced a new handbook on promoting gender sensitivity in higher education teaching and training. The handbook contains peer-reviewed case studies and examples of teaching or training activities that illustrate how inclusive teaching and learning practices promote gender sensitivity. There are four main sections to the handbook: How can I teach gender as a topic? How can I ensure my teaching approaches are gender-sensitive?, How can I create support structures for students and staff that are gender-sensitive?, and How can I create and support institutional approaches to embedding gender-sensitivity in the curriculum?  For each section, we have selected a range of case studies to reflect how to apply gender-sensitive activities/strategies to online (synchronous and asynchronous) and face to face teaching environments.  You will find that each section is full of practical strategies that you can easily adapt to your teaching practices.  These strategies have emerged from a theoretical basis so you will see references and in some cases further information, that you can also follow up to find out more. 

    This handbook was produced as an output of the Gender Equality Actions in Research Institutions to traNsform Gender ROLES, known as GEARING-Roles, a project funded by Horizon 2020 (grant agreement no. 824536) which seeks to design, implement and evaluate six gender equality plans in six research institutions in Europe.