Assessment standards, feedback and plagiarism

  • We are conducting research into improving student learning through active engagement with assessment feedback. Working with the ASKe CETL, we have promoted the significance of both explicit articulation and socialisation processes in improving students' understanding of assessment requirements and assessment feedback. We are evaluating the impact of our attempts to embed these principles at Oxford Brookes through the Assessment Compact.

    We have also been actively research academic practice. Jude Carroll investigated the impact of introducing new procedures for managing suspected plagiarism cases on consistency and transparency in managing cases, drawing parallels with the efforts to ensure reliable assessment decisions. She has also collaborated with others in the UK and around the world to study the use of so-called ‘detection software’ when used formatively on students’ understanding of academic writing.
    This theme has close links with the School of Education's Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment research group.

  • Evaluation of the Brookes Assessment Compact

    The ASKe - Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, is addressing issues of assessment standards within such a social constructivist understanding of how standards are agreed and judged.

    Oxford Brookes is a partner in the Project Assessment Strategies project (PASS) which is funded by the Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellowships Projects. 

    FDTL Engaging Students with Assessment Feedback project

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