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  • A range of OCSLD teaching and learning publications and resources are available to download.

  • The Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development has a long history as a scholarly academic and staff development unit. Across the years, it has been at the forefront of developing and sharing thinking about adult learning, higher education teaching and aspects of change management and organisational development. Our publications include books, ebooks, conference proceedings and they are listed here to browse. These can be purchased or are free. We also have other, free to use, online educational resources shared under creative commons copyright licensing. 

    Due to Coronavirus there may be a delay in processing online orders.

  • Downloadable in mobi format (for Kindle) and ePub (for devices including iPads and iPhones) these eBooks are Creative Commons licensed so you are free to convert to other formats, share (with attribution) and use the material in your own work.

    Coming soon!  Handbook for Creating a Gender-sensitive Curriculum: Teaching and Learning Strategies  Free
    First Words on Teaching and Learning by David Baume Free
    Learning by Doing: a guide to teaching and learning methods by Graham Gibbs Free
    Small Group Teaching by David Jaques Free
    Twenty Terrible Reasons for Lecturing by Graham Gibbs Free
    What we Know about Student Learning by Chris Rust Free
    What we Know about Assessment by Chris Rust Free
    53 Interesting Things to do in your Lectures by Sue Habeshaw, Graham Gibbs, Trevor Habeshaw £15.00
    53 Interesting Things to do in your Seminars and Tutorials by Sue Habeshaw, Trevor Habeshaw, Graham Gibbs £15.00
    53 Interesting Ways of helping your Students to Study by Trevor Habeshaw, Graham Gibbs, Sue Habeshaw £15.00