Academic Development Framework

  • Academic Development Framework

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    What is the academic development framework?

    • Specifies the knowledge, behaviours and attributes of excellent colleagues at Brookes, informed by the Guiding Principles
    • Provides a structure for your continuing professional development at all stages of your career.
    • Enables self-assessment of strengths and areas for further development
    • Encourages the planning of your professional development through the Brookes academic promotion routes
    • Links to professional accreditation schemes, so you can gain recognition for your achievements.

    How can the development framework be used?

    • To underpin conversations about setting objectives and professional development during PDR meetings.
    • To support action plans e.g. NSS action plans.
    • To provide a framework for decisions about investments in staff development.
    • To support changes to practice as required by changes in context e.g. emerging technologies.
    • To support staff progression.