• Apprenticeships are roles with training built in.

    At Brookes we use apprentice contracts to:

    • upskill staff who wish to develop and stretch in their current roles
    • add skills into teams where a gap is identified in the overall skills and knowledge base, and where a person is willing to learn them
    • add a training component, right from the start, to posts going out to advertisement

    New Apprenticeship rules following the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy in May 2017 mean we can:

    • open apprenticeships to people in roles at all levels (so, you don’t need to be a beginner in a skill set)
    • enable existing staff to participate without any change to their pay
    • write job descriptions for new or hard to fill posts that include an apprenticeship from the start - always paid above the National Minimum Wage
    • include graduates in the offer (so long as their degrees are not in the same skills theme as the proposed apprenticeship)

    An Apprentice agreement must:

    • involve a formal commitment between a learner (the staff member), an employer (OBU) and a provider of a programme of skills development (colleges, institutions, universities registered on the list of approved apprenticeship providers)
    • last for at least a year and day depending on the level of study (degrees are 3 years plus)
    • allow the learner 20 percent of their work time to engage in learning activity associated with their apprenticeship. (This includes classic coursework, reading, sessions as well as mentored activity whilst learning new tasks, so can happen in the workplace).

    Managers are invited to explore Apprenticeships as a way of managing succession and developing talent within their teams. Apprenticeships can be an important aspect of career development and form part of the PDR discussion. Individuals are invited to explore apprenticeships as ways of getting the skills development they want or need.

    Please download the Explore the Apprenticeship offer step by step guide for instructions and user help.

    We are currently working on a Apprenticeship website to provide further information, guidance and success stories.