Career development review

  • A Career Development Review (CDR) is a timed, structured and confidential coaching-style discussion that can help you to reflect on your career to date and make decisions about your next steps and future career development. Its value is that allows us to focus on ourselves and what we want - which is something we rarely make time for. It is facilitated by an OCSLD consultant who is outside your normal team. It can also inform or follow up your PDR.

    What is it about?

    The CD review is underpinned by ideas from coaching and positive psychology and is a tool for connecting, communing, and enabling positive and sustainable action. The coaching mode encourages the individual in surfacing their own answers to big queries about satisfaction, meaning, fit and future. The positive psychology mode takes as read that movement and change are possible and that the experience of making well- considered choices on a small scale helps build a mindset for making more effective and strategic choices – both in and out of work.

    What is involved?

    Your consultant will agree a suitable, quiet venue with you for a one hour meeting. Typically, this might involve:

    • taking stock of your career to date
    • scoping ideas relating to your personal story
    • identifying skills, knowledge and practice gaps
    • establishing actions for self-research and to build self awareness
    • considering career options within or outside Brookes
    • discussing blocks and barriers
    • agreeing specific career objectives
    • rehearsing conversations in order to turn choices into action

    Your consultant will take simple notes, keep time and be both supportive and challenging.

    Often, it will be possible to achieve the review’s objectives within a single meeting. Sometimes a follow-up maybe be relevant and helpful.