Executive team development

  • OCSLD works with Executive Teams to improve their leadership and management style, their decision-making and their effectiveness as a team.

    One example of how this works in practice has taken place in the Faculty of Business. 

    Case study - Faculty of Business 

    OCSLD has supported Chris Blackburn, PVC Dean of Faculty of Business, with a initiative to strengthen the Executive Team - as part of the Faculty’s All Staff Engagement work. This has involved designing and managing a bespoke management development intervention using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and 360 Degree Feedback which has been facilitated by an external consultant.

    On completion of the 360 Degree Feedback exercise, Chris Blackburn commented, ‘I am delighted with this work and the way in which the Executive Team has engaged with the process. It has undoubtedly been an unqualified success in terms of participants’ reactions and the generation of invaluable management development information.’

    The MBTI and 360 Degree Feedback activities have been followed up with three team workshops - on the Faculty’s vision, the team’s collective leadership style and action planning for the future.