Appreciating our differences - MBTI team events

  • Who is it for?

    These half day workshops are aimed specifically at dedicated teams and departments.  

    Booking for this workshop is via a request from a department manager.  


    Diversity in teams brings with it many advantages and can also be a source of frustrations too.

    The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a psychometric instrument which aim to explores people's personality behaviours linked to underlying preferences (based upon Jung’s theory of psychological types). A sharing of MBTI results can reveal differences between people that can lead to valuable learning reducing misunderstanding and miscommunication.

  • Participants receive an email from The Myers-Briggs Company. This will contain a link to the MBTI Complete Elevate platform.


    MBTI Complete contains:

    • The online MBTI questionnaire assessment (Step I).
    • Interactive learning session, An introduction to the MBTI framework and core concepts to cement understanding and identify participants best-fit type.
    • MBTI Type Description Report (which is downloadable).
    • Personalized content portal enabling participants to further explore MBTI insights personality insights yours and others.

    Participants will have access to this resource after the course.

    About MBTI data

    The Myers Briggs Company assessment website meets the highest standards of privacy and security.

    The results of the MBTI reports can only be disclosed to others with the knowledge and permission of of the individual. The OCSLD facilitator will discuss and agree on issues of confidentially with participants. It should be stressed that the MBTI questionnaire is never to be used for assessment for selection or to limit or to pigeon-hole people.

    Oxford Brookes does not retain or formally record any outcomes. The MBTI qualified practitioner (in OCSLD) will use MBTI report preferences to facilitate the follow on workshop and to organise different discussion groupings within the workshop. The facilitator will log that they have administered the MBTI questionnaire and completed the follow on workshop.

    The practitioner will not record any MBTI preference related data.

    Booking for this workshop is via a request from a department manager.

    Workshops will be facilitated by those members of the OCSLD team who are MBTI qualified practitioners.

    To initiate a request in the first instance Managers should email

    An OCSLD qualified practitioner will then be in contact for an initial diagnostics meeting to discuss the practicalities and logistical requirements of your request.

    Associated costs for materials

    The cost for the MBTI Complete Elevate platform per participant is £66 (including VAT).

    This is a cross charge to appropriate Faculty and Directorate budgets.

    As a general guide the minimum lead in time for a request is at least 6-8 weeks. 
    Ian Whiting