Personality assessment tools MBTI and TDI

  • Both the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and its variant the Type Dynamics indicator (TDI) are personality profiling tools based on Jung’s theory of psychological type. They both provide flexible and constructive frameworks for understanding an individual’s personality type using 4 different preference scales:

    • Extraversion - intraversion (what energises us)

    • Sensing - intuition (how we see the world)

    • Thinking - feeling (how we make decisions)

    • Judging - perceiving (how we manage the world around us)

    The main difference between the two personality assessment tools is that TDI is more explicitly focused on aspiration (as well as preference) through its ‘the way it is’ and ‘the way I want’ facility.

    How can they be used?

    They can be used to identify strengths and development areas, improve communication and resolve conflict, identify leadership style, improve communications and resolve conflict, explore problem-solving and learning styles, understand reactions to change and stress, and support career development.

    What is involved?

    The questionnaires typically each take about 25 minutes to complete and there are electronic or paper options.  Feedback is given by a trained coach in a 1:1 or workshop session and the process is confidential, unless you agree to share your results in. for example, a team exercise. The coach will explain the model being used and the meaning of your scores or “profile”. During the session you can discuss any questions you have and explore sustainable new approaches and behaviours for the situations you spend your time in.