Team development

  • Teams are complex and ever-changing entities comprising of individuals with different personalities and needs who rely on each other to achieve common objectives. Taking your team out of its normal environment and daily work routines provides opportunities to:

    • see a different side to each other’s personalities

    • make new connections (especially if there is regular turnover of staff)  

    • calm strained relationships caused by operational pressures  

    • discuss and work collectively on key projects and important work issues

    • initiate and progress new initiatives  

    • build team cohesion and confidence  

    Types of team development days

    Most team development days (or awaydays) involve a mix of work and non-work activities. Here are some examples of the wide variety of team development days that OCSLD has supported:

    Morning Lunch Afternoon

    Developing meaningful KPIs

    Preparing for our external review

    Brookes RestaurantLunch

    Department SWOT analysis

    Working smarter not harder

    Envisioning hub & spoke working

    Roles and responsibilities

    Promoting a consultative approach


    Outdoor activities

    Driving 4x4/ Pistol shooting/ Reverse snooker

    Myers Briggs Personality session Lunch

    Handling difficult callers

    Coaching one another in the dept

    Preparation and logistics

    Good preparation is the key for a successful team event. We recommend that you book a date well (even up to a year) in advance to ensure maximum attendance, the right choice of venue and the availability of your preferred internal or external facilitator (if you need one). 

    Your link OCSLD consultant can meet with you early in the design process to carry out the necessary diagnostics which include:

    • understanding the context for the team away day

    • determining the objectives for the day

    • exploring options for the content

    • providing ideas for activities, work sessions and venues

    • establishing the available budget

    • inquiring upon special needs and reasonable adjustments for team members

    • identifying other arrangements required - e.g. transport, room requirements,  hospitality

    • determining who will facilitate the event  

    Please contact your OCSLD Link Consultant to discuss your requirements.