Team development

  • Teams are complex and ever-changing entities comprising individuals with different personalities and needs who rely on each other to achieve common objectives. Taking your team out of its normal environment and daily work routines provides opportunities to:

    • see a different side to each other’s personalities
    • make new connections (especially if there is regular turnover of staff)  calm strained relationships caused by operational pressures  
    • discuss and work collectively on key projects and important work issues
    • initiate and progress new initiatives  
    • build team cohesion and confidence  

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    Team development days

    The team has experience of facilitating a wide range of development events for teams, including work and non-work activities. Here are some examples of the foci for team development days that we have recently supported:

    • Course design and planning for programme development teams
    • Developing an inclusive curriculum
    • Preparing for external review
    • Developing solutions to common problems 
    • Departmental SWOT analysis
    • Understanding ourselves by applying and sharing Myers Briggs Type Indicator analysis
    • Developing a vision or action plan
    • Reviewing processes using a whole team participative process

    Team development programmes

    The team also has experience in devising whole programmes of support and development for teams based within a Faculty or Directorate, as well as programmes and events that bring together role holders distributed across the university for a single event, to accomplish a project or to learn together and make positive changes at work. In all cases the developer-consultant works closely with the commissioning senior manager or team leader to design, deliver and evaluate the success of the work package.