Brookes Teaching Fellowships (and projects) 2009

  • Teaching Fellowships have been awarded to:

    • Alysa Levene (School of Arts and Humanities)
      Project: Using assessment to bridge the first year transition
    • Anne-Marie Kilday (School of Arts and Humanities)
      Project: How are You Doing? A Strategy for Supporting the Student Learning Experience in Arts and Humanities.
    • Jane Spiro (Westminster Institute of Education)
      Project: Supporting and developing reflective teacher development in both online and on-campus contexts
    • Maureen Brookes (School of Business)
      Project: Supporting Students on International Work Placements
    • Mary McAlinden (School of Technology)
      Project: Personal Development Planning for Mathematics Students
    • Abigail Ball (Directorate of Learning Resources)
      Project: How suitable is Wimba Classroom as an online learning tool and as a medium for producing Reusable Learning Objects (RLOS)?