Brookes Teaching Fellowships (and projects) 2010

  • Teaching Fellowships have been awarded to:

    • Dr Dominic Corrywright and Tom Cosgrove (Westminster Institute of Education)
      Project: The Yatra Project. (i) the production and delivery of five to six web-based learning packages on a number of key themes such as inculturation, marginalisation, primalism, Dalits and dispossessed, and the relation between art and spiritualities, and (ii) the development of a collaborative partnership with Jyoti Sahi, a theologian and painter based in southern India and Sangam ashram.
    • Marc Howe (School of Social Sciences and Law)
      Project: Courtroom advocacy. Digital recordings of demonstration moots and interactive web resources will be created for use as part of a sustainable archive of learning and teaching resources. Structured student reflections on their learning through participation in mooting, with elements of self-assessment and peer assessment as well as tutor-led assessment, will form the basis of a web-based student mooting guide, with appropriate links to filmed demonstration moots, located on the University’s VLE and streaming server.
    • Professor David Nash (School of Arts and Humanities)
      Project: Study guide, the Palgrave Companion to Studying History. A definitive guide for those embarking upon the study of history at university.
    • Simon Underdown (School of Social Sciences and Law)
      Project: To develop an online interactive web experience based around hominin cranial material through the use of Object Virtual Reality web images that can be examined in 3D-space with directly associated information about species, including text, references and audio.
    • Lindsay Williams (Business School)
      Project: To explore students’ needs and desires from an induction programme (for example practical information, academic orientation and social integration), and how best to respond to these requirements and provide support.

    Associate Fellowships

    • Harriet Harriss (School of the Built Environment)
      Project: Practice-ready architecture teaching. To investigate whether research-led, ‘immersive learning’ within community contexts can help students better acquire elusive tacit and ‘practice-ready’ knowledge in architecture.
    • Dr Nancy Priston (School of Social Sciences and Law)
      Project: Towards the virtual field trip. Developing technological solutions to enhance the anthropology student experience.