Brookes Teaching Fellowships (and projects) 2012

  • Brookes Teaching Fellows 2012
  • Teaching Fellowships have been awarded to (left to right in the photo):

  • Project: Creating information literacy resources for Moodle

    I am investigating the information literacy needs and practices of undergraduate students in the School of Education, and whether Reusable Learning Objects made available through Moodle and/or RADAR can be an effective way of helping students develop their information literacy as independent learners. I am also investigating whether an online space such as a Moodle course or Google Site could be used to help Subject Librarians and academic colleagues collaborate more effectively on developing students’ information literacy, by disseminating ideas, promoting good practice and encouraging discussion.
    The OBU Subject Librarians took “communication with academic staff” as our PETAL focus for 2012-13; a workshop facilitated by OCSLD in January 2013 indicated that among other things, a single online space where good practice and ideas could easily be shared would be helpful. I am currently developing a pilot Moodle space for Subject Librarians and hope to link this to the Fellowship project plan to create a shared space for SLs and academic staff.
    Research with Year 1 and Year 2 BA Primary Teacher Education students this year has provided valuable insights into their information literacy practices and difficulties. For example, they employ many creative “workarounds” in researching and locating appropriate resources – but in some cases there are easier  solutions provided by the Library, which students are unaware of because they were told about them during an overloaded induction period from which they forget a great deal. This is challenging me, and the School of Education academic colleagues with whom I work, to reshape how information literacy teaching is embedded in the course.
    See presentation given to 2013 Primary Education team Awayday: stored in RADAR teaching collection – log in to RADAR and search for “primary awayday”.

    Project: Developing an open collaborative learning ecosystem in urban design

    Project: Ahead of the Game: a Teaching Fellowship Proposal

    Ahead of the Game addresses themes such as student engagement, competition & peer learning. It is a project that demonstrates a teaching methodology that aligns gaming conventions with learning objectives and student activities. These methods have lead to the implementation of continual assessment based on a weekly feedback cycle. It embraces the just-in-time work-flow that both industry and students rely on. 
    Games are rule-based activities; they offer rewards, provide feedback, record progress and rate performance. This research into game-based learning has informed the development of a bespoke virtual learning tool. The impact on student engagement has been positive and results so far indicate a significant rise in the quality of work produced. Remarkably this has been achieved without a significant increment to the teaching or learning workload.

    Project: A Virtual and Collaborative Writing Group for Lecturers and Students

    My project is entitled 'A Virtual and Collaborative Writing Group for Lecturers and Students' and has run since September 2012. The objective is that academics (who are new to the writing process) write for publication with learners or recent alumni in dyads with a specific writing goal.

    The original target was six dyads; however the project has been met with enthusiasm and demand for membership within the Faculty of health and life sciences and this has number been extended to ten.

    The project takes place within the context of a facilitated writing group which meets regularly either online or face to face and supported with a Moodle site for resources and discussion forums.

    The topics, which participants are writing about are influenced by personal undergraduate or postgraduate dissertation topics and includes ; barriers to successful implementation of Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Programmes in Malawi and Nigeria, Exploration of the Evidence Base Around Advice Given to Patients on Warfarin related to Consumption of Cranberry product, Effectiveness of Physiotherapy in the Management of Whiplash Associated Disorder , Male Nurses use of Touch. Introducing and preparing Students for Touch Interventions, Quality of Life Following Treatment for Prostate Cancer and Evaluation of the Heart Failure Community Specialist role.

    The most significant area of learning is that writing for publication is an achievable goal especially when supported by a community of others who are in the same position. The writing group has been effective in demystifying this process for the participants. Some short videos will be produced during the next year of the project, which will be repurposed
    as open educational resources and will feature personal effective strategies
    for academic writing.