Brookes Teaching and Team Teaching Fellowships (and projects) 2014

  • In 2014 there were three Team Awards. These are: 

    Extending and Enhancing Disciplinary Focused Transition Practice

    Children’s nursing teaching team, HLS

    • Sandy Oldfield
    • Jo Peto
    • Emma Inness
    • Liz Jestico
    • Julia Winter

    Building on our student engagement projects to date this project proposal seeks to explore and implement a student /staff partnership approach to managing individual students’ transition into the second stage of professional higher education.

    Scope and Key Areas of Focus:

    Planned and enhanced transition activities which foster for both U/G and P/G cohorts academic self-efficacy, oriented to their professional discipline, to enable them to achieve a sense of professional and academic identity predicated on the notion of transition as “becoming”.

    Vertical enhancement of Statisics and Psychology Research (VESPR)

    Psychology demonstrator team, Psychology

    • Wakefield Carter
    • Emma Davies
    • Aspasia Paltoglou

    VESPR aims to enhance the excellent features of our teaching by increasing the integration of the research methods module across the different years. We plan to achieve this both by creating a single knowledge base which can be used by students of all levels, and by encouraging students to interact with each other beyond the confines of their current modules. The VESPR Moodle resource will be a virtual ‘learning space’ (Kolb & Kolb, 2005) where students can have conversations and take charge of their own learning.

    Developing students’ ‘epistemic fluency’ in combined degrees

    Combined honours teaching team, Business School

    • Claire Jones
    • Berry O’Donovan
    • Ivan Mitchell

    The project will examine the lived academic experience of combined honours students with a particular focus on the development of practical methods that enhance students’ ‘epistemic fluency’ in terms of recognising the nature and legitimacy of different ways of knowing and the agile ability to learn effectively within different disciplines and epistemic perspectives. Students on the DP combined honours programme will partner with the Programme Team in the project’s design, implementation, review and dissemination.