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  • 2019 National Teaching Fellowship awarded to Dr Samia Kamal

    Oxford Brookes University is proud to celebrate the award of a National Teaching Fellowship to Dr Samia Kamal for her exciting work to support students’ employability.

    Samia has demonstrated a longstanding commitment to helping all her learners reach their full potential. She has also been proactive in undertaking Continuing Professional Development as a University teacher.

    Samia has been recognised on a national level for her hard work on behalf of Brookes students and her impact across the Institution to inspire and influence her colleagues.

    Samia’s award is based upon her leadership as a female academic in the field of Computer Science, and her championing of Gandhi’s philosophy in a Western higher educational context. Dr Kamal helps every learner to ‘live a life of consequence’ as our Founder John Henry Brookes intended.

    Samia was also given this award for her commitment to exploring learning and teaching strategies suited to her discipline of Computer Science. In fact, she has become a beacon of expertise in the theory and practice of quality learning and teaching in her field.

    Prior to Samia’s accolade, Oxford Brookes was pleased to celebrate the award of a National Teaching Fellowship to Marc Howe.


    If you are interested in learning more about how to become a National Teaching Fellow, contact Dr Mary Deane for an informal chat.

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