Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience

  • OCSLD support for implementing the SESE

    In 2013/14 the SESE was refreshed and revised.  The Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience (2015-20) (linked to PDF) was approved by Academic Board in July 2014.

    Revisions to the SESE

    The main changes in the new version are:

    • Articulation of our ambition to provide a holistic and transformational student experience
    • Explicit references to staff and students working in partnership
    • A new principle of inclusive practices, and inclusivity as a defining characteristic of our curricula
    • Emphasis on the importance of collective continuing professional development and programme team activity
    • Recognition of the importance of taking care of the staff experience
    • A shift from thinking about assessment to assessment design
    • Elevating our expectations for the use of technology to enhance both the transactional elements of staff and student experiences and transformational learning
    • Addition of opportunities to enhance employability e.g. work based learning, placement learning, or mentoring
    • Addition of definitions of attributes at the foundation and postgraduate level (both devised by working groups last year and previously agreed by AESC), and consequential renaming of these as Brookes Attributes
    • Revised definition of global citizenship and renaming as ‘active citizenship’ to clarify our ambition that students will use knowledge and skills described in this attribute to actively engage with local and global communities.
    • Recognition that students should be provided with opportunities to develop the Brookes Attributes not only through the curriculum (as in SESE1) but also through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities

    Other useful resources

    The  Consultation for the SESE Google Site gives full details of the review and consultation which led to the new SESE (available to Oxford Brookes staff and students only)

    The  Brookes Teaching Practices site has examples of good or innovative teaching practices submitted by Brookes staff, tagged by the Brookes Attributes and other keywords.

    The  Graduate Attributes in Action Wiki has links to case studies, tools and templates from Brookes staff on how each of the attributes are taught, practised and assessed.

    The  Programme to Enhance the Student Experience website gives details of the projects funded to support the implementation of the SESE.