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  • Tina Miller

    Caroline Gatrell

    • Well, why haven't my shirts been ironed?
      Mothers are increasingly going out to work, fathers are doing the childcare - it looks like equality, but what about the chores? Kate Hilpern finds out what's really going on behind those John Lewis curtains, The Guardian, Sat 2 February 2008
    • Fathers are happier when doing more housework, says study
      Report also found men who spend more time with their children and work similar hours to partners are less stressed, Amelia Hill, The Guardian, Thursday 4 November 2010

    Allan Westerling

    • Mange forældre vil gps-overvåge børn, 1 August 2014: (Jyllands-Posten) Allan Westerling, Presseklip
    • Kære telefon: Hvor er mit barn lige nu?, 1 August 2014: (Jyllands-Posten), Allan Westerling, Presseklip