Caroline Gatrell

  • Research interests

    Caroline’s research centres on family, work and health. From a socio-cultural perspec­tive, Caroline examines how working parents (both fathers and mothers) manage boundaries between paid work and their everyday lives. 

    In so doing she explores interconnections between gender, bodies and employment, including theorising on masculinity and employment, as well as development of the concepts ‘Maternal Body Work’ and ‘Pregnant Presenteeism’.

    Her work is pub­lished in leading journals including: Human Relations; British Journal of Management; Gender, Work and Organization;Social Science and Medicine; International Journal of Management Reviews andInternational Journal of Human Resource Management.

    Caroline enjoys teaching research development and capacity building among PhD students and early career scholars.

    She is Co-Editor in Chief, International Journal of Management Reviews and Chair of NARTI (Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative).

    Impact work and current projects

    Due to its social and economic relevance, Caroline’s interdisciplinary research has significant impact within international media and attracts public policy partners. She has engaged in a major research project with the London based charity ‘Working Families’ and was on the advisory board for the recent Equalities and Human Rights Commission study on Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination. Her fatherhood research, as well as being widely reported in the press and media, has influenced policy debates in the UK through engagement with charitable partners and policy makers.


    The Times, One million dads choose to work part time, 21 November 2015 in hard copy and on line. 

    Daily Mail on line, Fewer fathers the sole breadwinner: more than a million professional men have now gone part time to spend time at home 21 November 2015 

    Guardian newspapers ‘I don’t know how he does it: Meet the new superdads’, 18 July 2015


    Recent publications

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    Journal articles

    Book chapters

    • Hassan, M. F., Gatrell, C., Downs, C. (forthcoming, submitted January 2016), Muted Masculinities – ethical and personal challenges for male qualitative researchers interviewing women in C. Cassell, A. Cunliffe, G. Grandy (eds.), Sage Handbook of Qualitative Research.
    • Stovell, C., Collinson, D., Gatrell, C., Radcliffe, L., (forthcoming), Re-thinking Work-life balance and Well-being from the Perspective of Fathers, in M. Leiter, C.L. Cooper (eds.), Routledge Companion to Wellbeing at Work
    • Burnett, S., Gatrell, C., Cooper, C., Sparrow, P. (2011), Fatherhood and flexible working: a contradiction in terms?, in Creating balance, Heidelberg : Springer, pp. 157-171.