Giovanna Rossi

  • Research interests

    Giovanna Rossi’s academic experience at the Catholic University of Milan has covered the following subjects, both in undergraduate and postgraduate (PhD) courses:

    • General sociology
    • Family and sociology of the services to the person
    • Sociology of health and social policy
    • Planning of social and cultural services

    She is the Head of The Catholic University Centre for Family Studies and Research and a member of the following:

    • Founding member of the Réseau Européen des Institut de la Famille (REDIF), since 1997
    • ESA (European Sociological Association) Advisory Board Research Network 13 “Sociology of Families and Intimate Lives”

    Together with Prof. Eugenia Scabini, she is a permanent editor of the book series "Interdisciplinary Studies on the Family", Vita&Pensiero, Milano. She has authored a number of publications on the family, social policies, services to the person, as well as family associations and voluntary organizations.

    Recent publications

    • Books
    • Journal articles
    • Book chapters


    • Scabini, E., Rossi, G. (2016) (eds.), L’allungamento della vita. Una risorsa per la famiglia, un’opportunità per la società, n.28, Vita&Pensiero : Milan
    • Crespi, I., Rossi, G. (2013) (eds.), Balancing work and family care: European experiences, Special Issue 2012 Sociologia e Politiche Sociali, FrancoAngeli, ebook
    • Scabini, E., Rossi, G. (2013) (eds.), Famiglia e nuovi media, Studi interdisciplinari sulla famiglia n.26, Vita&Pensiero : Milan
    • Rossi, G., Bramanti, D. (2012) (eds.), La famiglia come intreccio di relazioni: La prospettiva sociologica , Vita&Pensiero : Milan

    Journal articles

    • Rossi, G., Carrà, E. (2016), The Relational Approach and The Family, STEPP (Social, theory, empirics, policy and practice), Number 13, pp.7-23.
    • Rossi, G., Bramanti, D., Meda S.G. (2016), Intergenerational Exchanges and Social Networks of Italian Active Elders: A Quantitative Analysis, The International Journal of Aging and Society, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp.27-45.
    • Mazzucchelli, S., Rossi, G., (2015), “I'd like to but I can't”: The Implementation of the Italian Act on Parental Leave, in T. Miller, E. Dermott (eds.), Fatherhood, caring and paid work: patterns of change and continuity, Special issue of Families, Relationships and Societies, Volume 4, Number 2, July 2015, pp. 295-308(14).
    • Rossi, G. (2014), The Complex Relationship Between Values and Couple Patterns, Journal of Comparative Family Studies, Volume XLV, Number 2, pp. 173-199.

    Book chapters

    • Mazzucchelli, S., Rossi, G., Bosoni, M.L. (2017), The importance of the family as an institution. Findings from an Italian survey, in V. Česnuitytė, D. Lück, E. Widmer (eds.), Family continuity and change, Palgrave Macmillan.
    • Rossi, G., Bramanti, D. (2016), Gli scambi tra le generazioni: tre profili di anziani attivi a confronto, Rapporto sulla condizione anziana, in A.M. Melloni, M. Trabucchi (eds.), L’anziano attivo, 6° Rapporto sulla vita nelle età avanzate, Fondazione Leonardo, Maggioli Editore.
    • Rossi, G., Boccacin, L., Bramanti, D., Meda, S.G. (2014), Active Ageing: Intergenerational relationships and social Generativity, in G. Riva, P.A. Marsan, C. Grassi (eds.), Active Ageing and Healthy Living. A Human Centered Approach in Research and Innovation as Source of Quality of Life, Study in Health Technology and Informatics, Volume 203, IOS Press : Amsterdam, pp. 57-68
    • Rossi, G., (2013), The family-work balance: how to turn it into a virtuous relationship for families and society?, in G.Rossi, I. Crespi (eds.), Balancing work and family care: European experiences, Special Issue 2012, Sociologia e Politiche Sociali, Franco Angeli, e-book, pp.51-74