Lars Plantin

  • Research interests

    Lars’ main area of expertise is family sociology with a special focus on fatherhood. In 2001 he presented his thesis, Mäns Föräldraskap. Om mäns upplevelser ocherfarenheterav faderskapet [Men’s parenting. On Men’s Perceptions and Experiences of Fatherhood] (2001). The study was based on a collaborative project between the University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom and the University of Göteborg in Sweden.

    He has published many articles on the subject and in recent years has focused his research on the area of parenthood, work and family life, contributing to books such as Women, Men, Work and Family in Europe (2007), Work, Family and Organisations in Transitions. European Perspective (2009) and Transitions to Parenthood in Europe. A Comparative Life CoursePerspective (2013). He is also one of the co-authors in the book Fathers across Cultures. The Importance, Roles and Diverse Practices of Dads (2015)

    Lars has also published articles and books on themes such as Parenthood and the Internet, Reproductive Health and Migration, and HIV. He has reviewed around 30 manuscripts for scientific journals and been speaking at many international conferences and workshops. Currently he is leading five different research projects and supervising four doctoral students.

    Impact work and current projects

    Fatherhood research on the Internet – methodological reflections from a literature review. Contribution to forthcoming book Fathers, families and relationships (Policy Press).

    Recent publications

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    Journal articles

    • Peterson, C. C. & Plantin, L. (2019) Breaking with Norms of Masculinity: Men Making Sense of Their Experience of Sexual Assault, Clinical Social Work Journal, published online
    • Afzelius, M,  Plantin, L,  Östman, M. (2018) Families living with parental mental illness and their experiences of family interventions, Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing, Volume 25, pp.69– 77
    • Plantin, L. (2016), Book Review: Fathering, masculinity and the embodiment of care, Community, Work & Family, published online
    • Wissö, T., Plantin, L. (2015), Fathers and parental support in everyday family life: Informal support in Sweden beyond the welfare state, Families, Relationships and Societies, Volume 14, Number 2, pp. 267-280.
    • Plantin, L., Olukoya, P., Ny, P. (2011), Positive Health Outcomes of Fathers' Involvement in Pregnancy and Childbirth Paternal support: A Scope Study Literature Review, Fathering, Volume 9, Number 1, pp. 87–102. 

    Book chapters

    • Plantin, L. & Daneback, K. (2018), Fatherhood Research on the Internet: methodological reflections from a literature review, in E. Dermott, C. Gatrell (eds.), Fathers families and relationships: researching everyday lives, Bristol : Policy Press.
    • Plantin, L. (2015), Fathering across work and family life. On contemporary fatherhood in Sweden, in J. Roopnarine (ed.), Fathering across culture. The Importance, Roles, and Diverse Practices of Dads, Santa Barbara : Praeger Press.
    • Plantin, L., Bäck-Wiklund, M., Kovacheva, S., das Dores Guerreiro, M. (2012), Comparing transitions to fatherhood across contexts, in A. Nilsen, J. Brannen, S. Lewis (eds.) Transitions to Parenthood in Europe. A Comparative Life Course Perspective , Bristol : Policy Press.
    • Plantin, L., Bäck-Wiklund, M. (2009), Social service as a human service: between loyalties; a Swedish case, in S. Lewis, J. Brannen, A. Nilsen (eds.), Work, Family and Organisations in Transitions. European Perspective, London : Polity Press.
    • Bäck-Wiklund, M., Plantin, L. (2007), The workplace as an arena for negotiating the work-family boundary – a case study of two Swedish social service agencies, in R. Crompton (ed.), Women, Men, Work and Family in Europe, Hampshire : Palgrave.