Maria Letizia Bosoni

  • Research interests

    Maria Letizia is a member of the Family Studies and Research University Centre. Her research interests are: work/family reconciliation, fatherhood and masculine identity/identities, company welfare, family policies and services, relationship enrichment (couples and parents), work-related stress and wellbeing, self-employment.

    She is also part of an interdisciplinary research group (working with both psychologists and sociologists) on work and family stress and wellbeing aimed at promoting training activities and action research for companies and workers.

    Impact work and current projects

    • Improving Welfare Management an innovative method of parenting enhancement with and within companies, born from a synergic action of different partners (our University Centre, EDWIHR business consulting, Lexelent law firm and Niklas Events).
    • Ageless Talents analysis of the potential of women in mid-late career. A project financed by Valore D - an Association of large companies formed in Italy in order to support women’s leadership in the corporate world- and aimed at defining the specific potential of workers women between 50 and 65 years old
    • The Pan Consortium and its Family assessment of the families’ satisfaction with children enrolled in early childhood service managed by the PAN Consortium in Italy. The PAN Consortium is a non-profit national network providing high quality childcare services.
    • Rossi G., Bosoni M.L., Lomazzi V. (2016), Independent global index on family-IGIF, Report on the rights of family in the world funded by the Novae Terrae Foundation.
    • Baker S, Miller T, Rossi G, Bosoni M.L. (2011), Men, Work and Family life: a study of policy and practice in the UK and Italy, Research project report funded by the British Academy.

    Recent publications

    • Books
    • Journal articles
    • Book chapters


    • Bosoni M.L. (2013), Conciliare paternità e lavoro. Studi di caso aziendali, Vita & Pensiero : Milan.

    Journal articles

    • Bosoni M.L, Mazzucchelli S. (2019), Father Role Representations in the 1980s and the New Millennium, Genealogy, Volume 3, Number 2
    • Bosoni M.L, Mazzucchelli S. (2018), The invisible gap between public policy and company practices in supporting fatherhood: the Italian case, Community, Work and Family, Volume 21, Number 2, pp.193-208
    • Westerling A., Bosoni M.L. (2018), Fatherhood, gender equality and care practices in Italy and Denmark, Studi di Sociologia, Volume 1, pp. 57-70
    • Mazzucchelli S., Bosoni M.L. (2016), Is the family really an outdated institution in Italy as well in Europe? Findings from the European Values Study, Social Theory, Empirics, Policy and Practice, Number 13, pp. 24-40
    • Bosoni M.L., Baker S. (2015), The intergenerational transmission of fatherhood: a comparative study of the UK and Italy, Families, Relationships and Societies, Volume 4, Number 2, pp. 239-251

    Book chapters

    • Bosoni M.L. (2018), La paternità oggi tra processi di rinnovamento e continuità. Una riflessione sull’Italia, in Crespi I. (ed.) Padri che conciliano, Quaderni FMV, Volume 1, Fondazione Marco Vigorelli, pp. 17 – 28
    • Bosoni M.L., Mazzucchelli S., (2018), Researching fathers through surveys: methodological challenges, in Dermott E., Gatrell C. (eds.) Fathers, Families and Relationships: Researching Everyday Lives, Bristol:Policy Press, pp. 47-71
    • Bosoni M.L., Mazzucchelli S. (2018), Generazioni a confronto: le rappresentazioni della figura paterna negli anni ottanta e nel nuovo millennio, in Marta E., Regalia C. (eds.) Giovani in transizione e padri di famiglia: Studi Interdisciplinari sulla famiglia, Volume 30, Milan:Vita e Pensiero, pp. 25- 55
    • Mazzucchelli S., Rossi G., Bosoni M.L., (2017), The importance of the family as an institution. Findings from an Italian survey, in V. Česnuitytė, D. Lück, E. Widmer (eds.) Family continuity and change, Palgrave Macmillan
    • Bosoni M.L.:, Crespi I., Ruspini E. (2016), Between change and continuity: fathers and work-family balance in Italy, in I. Crespi, E. Ruspini (eds.) Balancing Work and Family in a Changing Society. The Fathers’ Perspective, Palgrave Macmillan