Susan Milner

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    Susan Milner’s research interests lie in the field of employment relations and employment and social policy, at European Union level and in its member states. She is associate editor of Gender, Work and Organization.

    She has carried out research (with Abigail Gregory, Salford University) into changing policies and practices concerning fathers at work and at home, and is a member of the Work-Family Research Network.

    She has also carried out research with Rita Chawla-Duggan on the role fathers play in the home learning environment in children’s early years.

    Impact work and current projects

    Susan is currently leading an international network on the gender pay gap which will produce a special issue of Gender, Work and Organization in 2017-2018. She is a member of a French team investigating gender equality agreements and plans in the workplace. She has also been involved with the following reports:

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    • Milner, S (2015), Comparative employment relations, Palgrave.

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