Therése Wissö

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    In 2012 Therése Wissö presented the thesis The everyday lives of parents of small children. Care, moral and social capital. The thesis was based on qualitative interviews with mothers and fathers of small children and illustrates how parents create their daily routines in relation to society at large with its formal, informal and market-related actors. The analysis shows how daily routines are negotiated in relation to various resources, as well as to norms regarding gender, family and parenthood. The study also includes interviews with child health nurses and their perception of parent’s daily life and need for support. This occupational group meets nearly all parents of small children in Sweden, and one of their duties involves providing support.

    Therése is a member of the research network Parenting and Childhood in Modern Family Cultures (University of Gothenburg, Department of Social Work)


    Impact work and current projects

    Therése Wissö is currently involved in following research projects concerning parenthood and fatherhood: 

    • Children's and parents' experiences of custody transfers; from biological parents to foster parents. A one year qualitative study funded by Children's Welfare Foundation Sweden
    • Society as a teenage parent (FAS 2009-1116). A qualitative study including textual analysis and interviews, focusing on teenagers, many of them young boys living with single mothers, and their experiences of an intervention (a “contact person”) from the Swedish social services. The aim is to explore the underlying motives, the expected function and the expressed objectives of social services. The article also deals with the role the contact person is intended to fulfil in relation to the parents.
    • Young fathers in deprived neighbourhoods. A qualitative study exploring fatherhood identities, fathering attitudes and fathering practices among fathers aged 15-22. 

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    Journal articles

    • Wissö, T., Plantin, L. (2015), Fathers and parental support in everyday family life: Informal support in Sweden beyond the welfare state, Families, Relationships and Societies, Volume 14, Number 2, pp. 267-280.

    Book chapters