Digital Tech Solutions Specialist Degree Apprenticeship Information Session

Thursday 04 June

About this event

About the webinar

This live webinar is aimed at both employers and prospective apprentices who want to understand more about the programme and the time and commitment needed for the course. The webinar will last for 45 minutes, with the opportunity to ask questions at the end.

About the Programme

The Digital and Technology Solutions Master’s level apprenticeship allows employers to upskill their workforce into highly-skilled software developers and technology innovators; and enable the next generation of scientists, engineers and other professionals to increase their confidence and diversify their software capabilities in the growing IT sector. Upon completion, successful apprentices will graduate with a master's degree (MSc) in Digital and Technology Solutions.

The apprenticeship is particularly suitable for professionals that hold a technical degree in a non-computing subject that regularly work with computer software applications or in the IT sector


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