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Oxford Brookes graduate named Senior Fellow at Cochrane UK

Monday, 17 September 2018

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Our most heartfelt congratulations go to Helen Cowan (nee Goddard), who has recently been made a Senior Fellow at Cochrane UK.

Helen began her nursing journey at Oxford Brookes and has since gone on to forge a sparkling career. With an outstanding record as both a nurse and an award-winning health writer, she has been writing for Cochrane since 2017.

Over her career, she has written for various prestigious publications, such as the Telegraph, Daily Mail, Readers Digest online, Nursing Times and British Journal of Cardiac Nursing.

Speaking about her appointment to the role of Senior Fellow, Helen said:

"I first heard about the Cochrane Library when I was a nurse working in clinical trials. I knew that they were seen as the gold standard for medical decision-making since they pool together data from worldwide trials and make conclusions.

“As a nurse, I have often turned to the Cochrane Library when faced with an unknown, such as whether catheter washouts are effective or whether drugs to treat dementia help in the later stages of the disease. It has been reassuring to find answers in the library - and also to learn that sometimes the evidence just isn't there yet, and that opens discussions amongst my colleagues.

“I wanted to share what I had found on the Cochrane Library so began blogging for them, choosing questions that I had as a nurse myself. I have written on catheters, dementia, wound care, vitamin D and acupuncture. I love to blog!

“I am honoured to now work as Senior Fellow in Nursing at Cochrane since I will be able to read more from the Library to inform my practice and blog about it to help other health professionals make decisions too. I will attend the Cochrane Colloquium in September and will meet people from across the world who, like me, are keen to see what systematic reviews can tell us about what we do (or could be doing) in practice. Patients will also attend the event, since it is important to think about whether the results from systematic reviews translate into real benefits for them. As a nurse, I have always sought patient-centred care and my work at Cochrane will further inspire me to do this.”

Cochrane UK (http://uk.cochrane.org/) is one of over 40 regional centres and branches supporting the global work of Cochrane and maximizing the use and impact of Cochrane Reviews for the UK and Ireland. 

Evidently Cochrane is a blog hosted by Cochrane UK.

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