Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery


  • Membership of the Guild, which was founded in 1925, is open to all nurses who have been trained in Oxford to become a registered nurse, or graduated in any pre-registration branch of nursing or midwifery from Oxford Brookes University.

    Membership enables you to:

    1. Apply for a Bursary from the Anne Harrold Radcliffe Guild of Nurses Charitable Trust to further your studies and enhance nursing and midwifery care.
    2. Attend an annual reunion in June each year.
    3. Receive the annual magazine in March, for the cost of £5 per annum, paid by standing order in January each year.

    Nurses and midwives who qualified in Oxford or through Oxford Brookes University are eligible to become full members with voting rights.

    Nurses who have worked in Oxford for three years are eligible to become honorary members.

    Those who started but didn’t complete their training can become associate members, but do not have voting rights.

    Download the membership form here