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Placement Experiences

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      Placement Experiences

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  • Practice education is critical to the current provision and future development of nursing and midwifery courses. At Oxford Brookes, placements are managed by our Practice Education Unit, who work with local trusts to provide you with the best possible preparation for your profession.

    In both Midwifery and Nursing courses, students currently spend 2300 hours in practice placements. Students on placement are counted as ‘supernumerary’. This means that they are not included in the minimum numbers required for safe care. But this doesn’t mean they only observe; students on placement take a more active role as their competence grows.

    Through these placements, you will learn what it means to provide vital care.

    Read below to find out about the ways that our students have made a difference on placements.

  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services North Oxfordshire Community Team

    Rob Andrews (Mental Health)

    An enthusiastic, welcoming, extremely positive team of skilled and caring individuals who are happy to pass on their skills and experience and who lead by example.

    Unfailingly positive and supportive to patients, carers and colleagues, they are all highly professional, skilled practitioners who retain the ability to be open to learning themselves.

    Ward 2, Abingdon Community Hospital

    Benedicta Boakye-Ansah (Adult Nursing)

    The team in my ward was lovely and they all supported me throughout my placement.

    My mentor was fantastic as she pointed out opportunities to me and encouraged me to work with other professionals. I felt very comfortable in the team and they have imprinted a good experience in my heart and a high standard which I will take with me wherever I go.

    Children's Ward, Horton General Hospital

    Victoria Cullen (Children’s Nursing)

    I really think this placement deserves an award as my confidence and knowledge improved so much and I enjoyed every shift I had at the Horton.

    I will remember this placement favourably and I wish I could’ve spent longer there!

    Abingdon Community Midwives

    Victoria Fleet

    My mentor has been fantastic.

    She has introduced me to midwifery practice in such a way that I am now more excited about what the rest of my training holds. Every single member made me feel so welcome and very much like one of the team. I will miss all the laughs we had together. I consider it a great honour to have worked beside them all.

    Bicester Community Midwives

    Fiona Kempsall

    I worked with every midwife at some point during my placement...

    ...I worked with every midwife at some point during my placement, and was amazed to see that they all seemed to have this brilliant attitude, every hour of every day, and quite clearly adore their jobs. Wow is all I have to say!

    Abingdon Community Midwives

    Amanda Scott

    I have had nothing but kindness and support from my mentor and the Abingdon Team.

    Straight away I was made to feel comfortable in my new surroundings and encouraged daily with my practical learning and professional development. I really can’t thank my mentor and the team enough for cementing my love for Midwifery and for providing me with a brilliant and memorable placement at Abingdon.