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  • Raluca-Vagner

    Raluca Vagner

    I am 30 and started Nursing as a second degree after having achieved a degree in Finance and Banking. Brookes took my circumstances as they were and believed in me.

    I worked in management positions in healthcare for about 3-4 years before deciding to start my Nursing degree. It was a difficult decision as I had lost a considerable income with no support from parents/family. Quality of care has always been my drive and studying Nursing has given me insight into what excellent care is and how to apply evidence based practice after I qualify. I know I can now go back into previous positions and deliver a better service and care than I could have ever done before.

    Nursing is a combination of so many different things. Nursing to me is that opportunity to help people when they are most vulnerable, which brings fulfilment to my day to day life. At the same time, nursing is competitive and it drives and inspires me to always learn, study and better myself. Nursing gives the possibility of helping individuals as well as greater number of people at the same time.

    A nursing career offers more than anyone can imagine, from working in a hospital, GP practice, theatres, recovery, etc to even running your own clinics or research project. The sky is the limit!

    Starting a Nursing degree is the best choice I have made as it offered me not only a secure workplace, but also a sense of belonging. Nursing is not like any other degree and undeniable, it will have challenging and testing times, but you know that you are not alone. If you have financial problems, academic concerns, placement or travel issues, etc - there is always someone to talk to that can either help or point you in the right direction. We are all together and we all support each other. We are better people for doing so.


    Pedro Faria Simas

    My experience at Brookes has been nothing short of amazing.

    Brookes was my first choice when choosing to study Nursing. The two main factors that influenced my decision were firstly, the approachability of the lecturers on the open day who provided me with guidance as to how the course was structured, the opportunity to go on exchange, and the support available from the university. Secondly, the opportunity to be on placement in high standard hospitals with a diversity of specialist areas.

    In Nursing the opportunity to provide care to patients that are at their most vulnerable state, both physically and psychologically, was one of the key aspects that led to my decision. Furthermore, the chance to comprehend the normal anatomy and physiology of the human body and have the knowledge to comprehend changes and actions required to treat a patient is, in my view, another key reason for my decision.

    Since commencing my course the opportunities provided to improve my knowledge through placement in specialist areas has been demanding but very rewarding. Additionally, every lecturer that I have encountered is very supportive; this support has allowed me to continue a project from year 1 and be guided when needed.


    Emma Blakey

    During my previous jobs I had always felt something was missing and I always came back to nursing being what I wanted to do. When I moved back to Oxford I applied to Brookes and I was so happy to get a place!

    The placements I had were fantastic - It was wonderful to have such a range of experiences including specialist clinical areas. The course was challenging but I received some brilliant support from my academic adviser, other faculty members and the students I was alongside. Our cohort became closer as the years progressed which made a huge difference too.

    The benefits of being a mature student is that you can bring experience from previous jobs and your life in general to the role of a nurse. It also meant I tried to treat the course more like a job and stay organised which I think was an advantage. It isn't always easy starting again and you leave behind better paid roles and friends who are advancing in their careers but what you gain by being a nurse definitely makes up for it. Nursing is my way of putting my values into practical action and I am just so happy I have made this change.

    At the moment I am thoroughly enjoying working with patients and building my experience in different roles across the Trust - I have worked on a ward and am now in endoscopy. I have also been on the OUH Trust preceptorship programme for newly qualified nurses which I have found very valuable.