Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery

Year 1 Entry BSc Adult Nursing - Swindon

  • Induction timetable

    All Year 1 BSc Adult Nursing.

    Note: Swindon based programmes will receive bespoke induction instructions directly from the team on that campus).

    Don’t forget to enrol online before arriving!

    To help you prepare for your course you will receive an email from David Body - Programme Administrator for the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences (Oxford Brookes Swindon Campus).

    The email will have a link to the Welcome to Oxford Brookes Swindon Website group well as instructions for accessing the site.

    On the Website site you will find a detailed schedule of your Induction programme (14–18 September) and your timetable for Semester 1. The information on the site will be regularly updated, so please check all details.

    During Induction Week you will have a range of activities which will be based on face to face meetings, online synchronous sessions where you will meet together with colleagues from your cohort and asynchronous online activities where you will undertake activities yourself.

    Should you have any queries, please contact David Body, Tel: 01865 485159, Email: dbody@brookes.ac.uk     

    Time Event Mode of Delivery or Location
    Monday 14 September
    09.00  Self orientation to the University including an online scavenger hunt & campus online tour   Live online synchronous activity
    12:30-13:30  Welcome from the Director of the Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery (OSNM), Trust Chief Nurses - Dr Mary Malone  Live on-line synchronous activity with Oxford

    Introduction to programme team and arrangements for induction week- Swindon Adult Field Academic Advisors 

    Live online synchronous activity
    Tuesday 15 September
     09.30-14.30 Student Card Collection - only for those students who still need a card

    Main Lecture Theatre, JOF 108, Joel Joffe Building, Swindon Campus

    10:30-11:00 Student Support Coordinator (Mel Williamson)

    Zoom followed by live session 

    Wednesday 16 September
    09:30 - 10:00 Introduction to the programme, philosophy, spiral curriculum - Rachel Skittrall, Programme Lead Swindon  Live online synchronous activity


    Introduction to Learning, Teaching and Assessment Strategy

    Online (individual activity)

    11:45-12:45 Introduction to Programme Handbooks, timetable and online learning - Helen Baker and Emma Lane, Subject coordinators year 1 and year 2 Helen Baker and Emma Lane - Subject coordinators year 1 and year 2

    from 13:30

    Introduction to the  year 1 and 2 modules 

    Online (individual activity)

    All day Introduction to Moodle - Win Ko
    Online (pre-recorded)
    All day An overview of library services - Helen Whittaker and Aaron Worsley, health care librarians  Online (pre-recorded) 
    Thursday 17 September
    09:30-10:00 Introduction to skills labs - Claire French Online (pre-recorded)
    All day

    Meet your Academic Advisor You will be allocated to attend a 2 hour group meeting during the day (to include issue of Polo shirts for skills)

    On site Joel Joffe Campus, Swindon
    All day Introduction to Practice Education Placement lead
    Online (pre-recorded)
    All week
    In Induction Week, you will receive appointments for Occupational Health.