Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery

International Links

  • As well as being a vital part of the healthcare community in Oxfordshire, Nursing students at Brookes can benefit from being connected to the international community too.

    They will have the chance to study abroad (usually in their second year). This provides an amazing opportunity to add value to your studies by:

    • increasing your employability within an international market.
    • boosting your language skills.
    • building your confidence in adapting to new situations.
    • improving your knowledge of different cultures.
    • gaining credits which count towards your degree.

    We have partner Universities in Spain, Hungary and Sweden for which funding is available through the Erasmus scheme. There is also an exchange programme with the University Pennsylvania which is self-funded.

    Indeed, the collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania has been going on for 20 years, a fact that was marked last year with a celebratory visit by a delegation from Brookes to Penn. As part of that event, it was confirmed that this is the longest running, full immersive nursing exchange in the US, and it was announced that even more exchange placements will be available in coming years than ever before.

    In addition to exchange programmes, staff and students at Brookes have various other international links. Helen Ayres (Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing and Matron for Oxford Medium Secure Mental Health Services) has recently led a ground-breaking mental health training programme in Georgia. The first of its kind in the country, this programme aims to create a platform from which mental health nursing can develop.

    2017 also saw the beginning of a reciprocal relationship between Oxford Brookes and the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 in Cairo, Egypt. This collaboration saw incredibly valuable sharing of insights and practices. And it will continue with Hospital 57357 being provided with more educational training, the introduction of a one year nursing fellowship to help develop nurses into educators, and the development of more Nurse-led research.

    This year, two PhD students have already won Florence Nightingale Foundation travel scholarships to further their research in the US and Japan.

    International links like these are one of the things that makes studying nursing at Oxford Brookes such a richly rewarding experience.