Oxford School of Nursing and Midwifery


  • Swindon Kingswood Surgery

    Charlotte Hawkins

    There was a high variety of learning opportunities which greatly improved my clinical skills and communication skills,

    ... making me feel better equipped at the prospect of becoming a nurse in the next 5 months.

    Coln Ward, Cirencester Hospital

    Amalia Rosoiu

    I felt that I was part of the team from day 1.

    If I have a question I can ask any member of the staff. When my mentor wasn’t on duty I received support from the other members of staff and I was never left feeling that I am on my own.

    Acute Cardiac Unit, Great Western Hospital

    Wayne Overend

    My mentor and indeed all the staff were very supportive which very much helped to make my placement an amazing experience.

    All the team were approachable and wanted to help with our learning.

    Marlborough Integrated Team

    Heather Bell

    The whole of the integrated team have been positive, supportive and encouraging.

    It has been an amazing, inspirational experience. I felt very privileged to see them working together to support each other, the patients and their families in the community.

    Theatres, BMI The Ridgeway Hospital

    Charlotte Bray

    Throughout my six week placement it was arranged for me to spend two weeks in theatre, two in anaesthetics and two in recovery in order to get the broadest experience of the roles within the theatre.

    I was encouraged to work with each of the members of the MDT including theatre support workers, scrub nurses, anaesthetic nurses, ODPs, recovery nurses, anaesthetists and surgeons. Every person that I worked with taught me something new and quizzed me on my current knowledge which definitely helped me to learn. I was encouraged to get as involved as possible and to ask as many questions as I wanted to.

    Intensive Care Unit, Great Western Hospital

    Lara Dennis

    My practice assessor and all multi-disciplinary staff were outstanding...

    ... in supporting my learning and bringing me back up to speed and showing examples of sound evidence based practice in the unit guide. I was in awe of the autonomy the nursing staff held and their outstanding level of care. I can’t thank ICU enough for quite frankly the best placement of my course so far!

    Carfax NHS Medical Centre

    Amy Blackburn

    Everyone who works here at Carfax Medical Centre is so friendly, and welcoming.

    Nothing is a problem and they are all so helpful when it comes to challenging situations. They allow you to do your own clinics when you feel comfortable with the place and this is something that really makes you feel like a “proper” nurse.

    Intensive Care Unit, Great Western Hospital

    Agata Kwidzinska

    They all make the students feel welcome and worthy.

    This is a great feeling and it really motivates the students to get the most learning from the placement. I would recommend it to anybody and I feel that everybody should have the opportunity to have one of the placements there. ICU is where the person-centred care really happens and the theory students are taught at University becomes real. I feel that I can take my experience from ICU anywhere I’ll go in order to improve my practice.

    Malmesbury Integrated Community Team (District Nursing)

    Carmen Paramanis-Limb (graduated)

    This placement has made me realise and remember why I love community nursing so much and I feel honoured...

    ... that I have been able to work with such a fantastic team for my last placement before commencing work as a qualified Staff Nurse. A massive thank you to them and to GWH for allowing me to be part of such a wonderful team.

    Marlborough Integrated Community Team (District Nursing)

    Jane Ingram

    I was with an amazing community team.

    They were very welcoming to students and enjoyed having us around. Their skill levels were really incredible.

    Jupiter Ward, Great Western Hospital

    Jane Stewart

    The support and direction I was given during my first month...

    ... from NA’s and nursing staff with regards to personal care and how to ensure every patient received the best possible care in accordance with best practice, was amazing; I learned so much, which in turn increased my self-confidence and my self-belief in my own abilities.

    Acute Cardiac Unit, Great Western Hospital

    Natasha Walker

    This is my last placement as a student nurse and I have had by far the best welcome.

    My mentor has made sure that we feel comfortable and confident and can get the best out of the placement. He is making sure that we get to experience as many different things as possible, learning and teaching is great on this ward and we are constantly being challenged.

    Urgent Care Centre, SEQOL Swindon

    Sharon Dobson

    My mentor was amazing and she is easily one of the best nurses I have ever worked with.

    I was given opportunities to work alongside other members of the team and I learnt a lot from this placement to take forward.

    Amesbury Integrated Community Team (District Nursing)

    Deborah Howells

    From the first day I arrived in Amesbury the staff made me feel welcome, at ease and a valued part of the team.

    My mentor ensured that no matter how busy her day was, or the team as a whole, that I always received timely feedback, regular review meetings were scheduled and that I was always given hands-on opportunities to learn each day. Throughout all of my placement I was encouraged and inspired by the level of care that all staff members demonstrated. Overall I cannot express my thanks enough to all at the Amesbury Integrated Team for their welcoming nature, exemplary patient care and the encouraging and supportive environment they offer student nurses.