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    • Drawingwithlight758x246

      Drawing with light

      Capture complex and beautiful images.

    • Paper Workshop
    • Sumorobots2

      Sumo Robots

      Will your robot be victorious?

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    • Tai Chi758x246
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    • Banner Fluid Art

      Fluid Art Workshop

    • Outburst banner - furniture

      Furniture Design Workshop

    • Outburst banner - Kung Fu

      Kung Fu and Kickboxing for the Family

    • Outburst banner - winnie the witch

      Winnie the Witch - Korky Paul

    • Bing Bunny Banner

      Bing Bunny - Ted Dewan

    • Peggy - Banner

      In Conversation with Peggy Seeger

    • Shifty - Banner

      Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam - Tracey Corderoy

  • What is Outburst?

    Outburst is a festival of fun taking place at Pegasus Theatre Thursday 11 - Saturday 13 April 2019. Expect the unexpected with a variety of shows, workshops, music and artwork showcasing cutting edge research and expertise from across Oxford Brookes University.

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  • Oxford Outburst Festival by George Podaras on Vimeo