CARU Contemporary Arts ReSearch Unit Showcase

  • John and Teeny

    John Cage and Teeny Duchamp Play Chess in front of a Live Audience

    An interdisciplinary research platform based in Oxford, CARU assists artists and researchers to share their work and engage directly with the public. CARU will be presenting two projects at Outburst 2018, Myths and Visions with Késia Decoté, followed by a performance of John Cage and Teeny Duchamp Play Chess in front of a Live Audience with Austin Sherlaw-Johnson and Stavroula Kounadea.

    Performed by Késia Decoté, Myths and Visions combines piano performance with dance and offers an alternate experience of a classical music recital. Késia is a pianist from Vitoria, Brazil and is currently completing a PhD at Oxford Brookes University.

    Created and performed by Austin Sherlaw-Johnson and Stavroula Kounadea in collaboration with Readymade Theatre, John Cage and Teeny Duchamp Play Chess in front of a Live Audience uses, as its starting point, John Cage’s Reunion of 1968 in which Cage played chess with Marcel Duchamp and Duchamp’s wife, Teeny, in front of a live audience. Incorporating elements of drama, music, sound art, film, opera, visual art and dance the piece quickly expands, spiraling outwards to bring in a variety of different, contrasting influences.

    Direct, challenging, accessible, lively and provocative, it can be variously misinterpreted as a nostalgic reappropriation of the traditional avant-garde or a subversive commentary on the contemporary arts of today.

    This event is suitable for ages 12 and above.


    Thursday 19th April, 7.00pm 

    Tickets and how to book

    Tickets cost £2.50 for adults and £1.00 per child / concessions per event.
    If you would like to attend multiple events, OutBurst is offering 3 tickets for the price of 2 across all events.

    To book, please visit the Pegasus website or call 01865 812 150

    This is an OutBurst 2018 event. OutBurst is Oxford Brookes University’s festival of activities showcasing cutting-edge research and expertise.