Transition Mentoring 2024

The programme puts young people in touch with mentors who can help them with their future studies and career options.

Transition Mentoring 2024

Who the event is for

Year 13s, 2nd year college students and students who have studied an Access to HE course, who have been made an offer to study with us and who have chosen Oxford Brookes as their first choice University, and who come from a Widening Participation background.

We work to raise aspirations and educational attainment among prospective students from underrepresented groups, to:

  • prepare them for higher education
  • ensure success on their programme of study
  • improve their employment prospects
  • open possibilities for postgraduate study
  • give them opportunities to return to learning throughout their lives

About the event

The scheme aims to support potential students arriving in the 2024/23 academic year by offering peer mentoring with one of our current undergraduate students.

As well as E-mentoring support, the secure platform allows students to hear first-hand experiences directly from students, as well as having access to our website which provides resources about university, careers, student finance and well being support we offer.

Using an online portal, the undergraduates will communicate with a student as they prepare to join Brookes. This may involve providing support during the stressful exam period, giving advice on how to manage results day and providing practical guidance on what they should bring to university.

Participants can ask questions about courses, general student life, helping them to feel prepared for their next steps into Higher Education. Where possible mentees are matched to a student mentor who is taking the course they are applying for, or who studies a course within the same Faculty.