Year 10 Study Conference 2.0

The Year 10 Study Conference will be a mix of recorded subject sessions and live delivery, and include live and bespoke study skills sessions for your students provided by MADE training.

UPDATE: An online 'snackable' version of our Year 10 Study Conference is now available to your students for the final half term of the year. 

Read on to find out information about how students will engage with our content, and what will be covered.

About the event

What is the study conference 2.0?

The study conference uses a project website to present interactive, online activities on a range of different topics (see below). The aim is to dispel myths about going to university and encourage students to make the most of themselves, now and in the future.

Using Oxford Brookes as an example university, we give a range of impartial information and guidance. This allows students to begin to take ownership of their futures and plan for the choices ahead.

How could this resource be used?

Students can complete these activities without teacher supervision using a laptop. The sessions can also run as whole class activities, if you choose to (lesson plans below).

Students could dip in during tutor time, completing as enrichment, or even as a series of homework activities in their own time. Most activities are chunked up into 10-15 minute activities.

Can I see an example of the content?

We’ve created a Snackable Content taster video where we show you around the web portal.

What activities are included?

‘Is Uni for Me?’ - an interactive session that explores students differing routes through education, which includes a personality quiz and explains some of the key decision points coming up next. 

Student Voices - Reflective activities that require students to respond to short clips from current Oxford Brookes students and our recent graduates, talking about what university is like for them and how they made decisions about what to do in life. 

Student Union - An interactive activity designed around getting to know the Student Union better, ending in the design of a Student Union event. 

Short study skills activities - sharpening students abilities to recall information and build their confidence in what they already know.

Careers - Guided access to resources that allow students to explore particular careers, and links to university subjects that might help them achieve these careers. 

Campus map - A look around our campus map, with quiz questions. 

Useful links - Links to explore information about our courses, student finance resources, information about apprenticeships, amongst other things.

Aims include:

  • To improve students’ attainment in Science, Maths and English
  • To increase students’ confidence at school
  • To develop students’ study skills and capacity for academic attainment
  • To develop students’ knowledge and awareness of the benefits of higher education
  • To raise the aspirations of students in the local community.

Bookings and enquiries

To book, please contact Will Bowden-Benn directly:

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