Year 10 Study Conference

31st October - 11th November 2022

This page is currently being updated for 2022-23 bookings. Please check again shortly for this year's plans. 

About the event

What is the study conference?

The Y10 Study Conference is a range of activities around study skills and taster subjects sessions for your students to imagine how the subjects they currently study could be used at university, whilst learning useful practical skills they can apply right now.

The aim is to dispel myths about going to university and encourage students to make the most of themselves, now and in the future.

Using Oxford Brookes as an example university, we give a range of impartial information and guidance. This allows students to begin to take ownership of their futures and plan for the choices ahead.

Students will also get the chance to spend significant time with current Brookes students, getting answers to anything they want to know about going to uni.

How much does it cost?


All Travel, acitivity resources and staffing are covered entirely by Oxford Brookes.

How do I sign up to express interest?

Please read through the different options for hosting below (on-campus, in-school or virtual) and then complete this form to express your interest.

Hosting options

Option 1: On-campus visit

We have a number of reserved slots available for you to bring students on campus after Easter.

How many students can I bring?

This event can be for up to a whole year group, or limited to a specific number of students you want to focus on. This year we are not mixing schools for Covid-19 precautions, so your school would have exclusive access to campus whilst here.

Students will explore the campus by completing a carousel of different activities across the day, and experience what it’s like to be a university student for themselves!

Whole year group dates: 

Mon 11th May, Tues 12th May, Wed 13th May, 

Mon 6th June, Tues 7th June, Wed 8th June (now booked)

Smaller groups: on application (can be more easily arranged!)

Option 2: In-school visit

It may be that you are not able to release students for an external visit, and if that is the case, we are more than happy to come to you!

Taking students off-timetable for a half / whole day, we can run similar activities to the on-campus activity, but in a more convenient setting - using school halls and classrooms in a carousel of different activities.

Option 3: Virtual activities

You may choose the option of virtual activities to work with your students, and this can also be accommodated via live activities, as well as the use of an online portal of recorded activities for students to access at their own speed and convenience.

Using a mix of virtual live activities and the online portal option may work well as follow up enrichment or tutor activities spread across the rest of the summer term, for example.

What activities are included?

Subject taster sessions - Chose from a range of different subject tasters: Art, Photography and Digital Media Production, Engineering, Built Environment, International Hospitality Management, Sociology, Biology, Healthcare, Maths, Music, Marketing, Events Management

‘Is Uni for Me?’ - an interactive session that explores students differing routes through education, which includes a personality quiz and explains some of the key decision points coming up next. 

Student Q+A - Student panel with recent graduates, talking about what university is like for them and how they made decisions about what to do in life, including the chance for your students to ask anything they like about uni.

Student Union - An interactive activity designed around getting to know the Student Union better, ending in the design of a Student Union event. 

Short study skills activities - sharpening students abilities to recall information and build their confidence in what they already know.

Careers - Guided access to resources that allow students to explore particular careers, and links to university subjects that might help them achieve these careers. 

Aims include:

  • To improve students’ attainment in Science, Maths and English
  • To increase students’ confidence at school
  • To develop students’ study skills and capacity for academic attainment
  • To develop students’ knowledge and awareness of the benefits of higher education
  • To raise the aspirations of students in the local community.

Bookings and enquiries

To book, please contact Sophie Nobes directly:

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