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    29 April 2020. This communique regarding water immersion during labour and waterbirth - COVID-19 context - has been written as a resource for midwives and healthcare practitioners engaged in assisting women and their families during this challenging time.


    The OxBUMP research group investigates factors that promote good health for women and their babies throughout the continuum, and inform guidelines for best practice in labour and childbirth.

    Zumba 4BUMP

    Zumba 4BUMP is a community-based exercise, education and support group for women who are pregnant or who have recently had their baby.

    It incorporates a dance-based exercise class tailored for pregnancy, followed by Club BUMP where women discuss health and pregnancy-related topics. It's a chance for women to meet and give each other practical and emotional support in sessions, mediated by a midwife. The members themselves suggest the topics that they would like to explore.

    Midwifery students at Oxford Brookes University also attend and contribute to sessions. It's a unique opportunity for them to be involved in a group community antenatal education class, with women at all stages of pregnancy and early parenthood. 

    For more details please visit Club BUMP.


    Work with Drs Claire Feeley, Harriet Cole and Megan Cooper and Charles Roehr to produce three systematic reviews

    National evaluation of an e-tool developed to improve the accuracy of visual blood loss estimations during waterbirth. Data collection closed with a plan to complete write-up by May 2020. Initial small-scale evaluation published in 2019.


    One day workshop ‘HEALTHY MIND and BODY BEFORE, DURING and AFTER PREGNANCY: strategies and activities’ 13th June 2020, Maternity & the Newborn Forum, Royal Society of Medicine.

    At this interactive event you will learn about the importance and relevance of promoting the health and wellbeing of women of reproductive age and have the opportunity to engage in a range of taster activities including dance, mindfulness, healthy eating and drinking.