The Complexity of Balance

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Health Research Seminars

Who this event is for

  • Academic community


Learning Studio, Clerici, Headington Campus


Chair: Dr Peter Wright (Programme Lead Sport & Coaching Sciences at the Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work, FHLS)

Summary: Action-oriented processes including musculoskeletal components such as joint range of motion or force production are connected with sensory processes including visual, vestibular, and somatosensory systems creating a frame of reference for postural control. Regulation of posture involves attentional processes and the application of internal or external attentional foci have been linked with accuracy and quality of a movement while executing the skill. The current study investigates distality effects of visual feedback coupled with distality effects of attentional foci. Analyses of signal complexity using multiscale entropy measures revealed distality effects for both components.

About the speaker: Dr Karen Roemer is an internationally recognised researcher who is specialised in ageing biomechanics, balance and stability, as well as the analysis and optimisation of human movement. Other areas of interest are sport biomechanics and obesity. Karen joined the Central Washington University (USA) in 2013 and is at present Associate Professor with the Department of Health Sciences. She is the Director of Integrative Human Physiology. Before joining CWU, Karen was with the Michigan Technological University and several universities in Germany. She is a very interesting character indeed as she works as a Mountain Rescuer in the Cascades besides her work for CWU.

It is a pleasure to welcome Dr Roemer at Oxford Brookes University – not only for a guest lecture, but also collaborative research discussions and an academic exchange programme.